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CSI: Miami Stills

a csi: miami stillness community

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Welcome to miami-stills, an icon stillness challenge community based on the spin-off series CSI: Miami. This community was created by aprilheart and is currently owned/maintained by abrightsky. Each week there will be a new picture posted that you will need to make an icon out of. Sometimes it'll be your choice of photos it all really depends.
01. Icons can NOT be animated. This is a STILLness community.
02. You cannot post your icon anywhere else (including your own journal) until the voting has been closed.
03. All submissions are to meet LJ standards. 100x100 40K Maximum.
04. NO Cheating. You cannot vote for yourself. Nor tell others to vote for you.
05. Under no circumstances are you to take anyones icons without their permission.
06. There will be no promoting of any other community unless you receive permission from the mod.
07. Make sure that you follow the rules.
08. I will be making a post that will have the picture(s) you are to use. You may only use each picture once. You will be notified to post your entries to THAT post ONLY. Comments will be screened and I will be the only one who can see them.
09. Use a host that allows remote linking. Photobucket is a widely popular one. Angelfire/Geocities will not work.
10. When you post your entries, you should include the IMG code and the URL so that your entry should look like this:

celebritylims » charmed-test » charminglims » csiny-lims » elitefandom » entertain-lims » iconstatic » kbell-lims » mixed100 » mysteryworld » neptunelims » seasonsoficons » shannen-stills » vm-hush
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